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Real Estate

Locating and finding the best land to invest in and develop is typically more of an educated guess than a scientific exercise. Even with the best team, drawing on the best analytics, it can be a shot in the dark at best.

Until now. Introducing Slate Real Estate Intelligence.

“Predicting where the market is going is one of my dreams.”

Faster, more accurate land acquisition backed by real time data and predictive analytics.

Giving you a unique competitive advantage.

Quickly run market analysis to assess compare regions, cities and zip codes.

Run predictive analysis and what if scenarios to see into the future. 

Navigate the complexities of land acquisition with greater confidence and success. 

Real Estate Intelligence
in Action

Why waste thousands of hours networking, researching and analyzing when you can dial in your land acquisition in minutes?

1       Define when and where to invest in land.

2       Identify the best bets within regions, cities, right down to zip code level.

3       Compare multiple zip codes, cities, or regions.

4       Predict the value of your investment.

What will the land  value be in 6 months? 5 years?

What will sales velocity be?

What will the average price be?

Where should I locate my factory?

What absorbtion rate can I expect?

5       Run “what if” scenarios.

What if mortgage rates increase?

What if there’s a recession?

What if population increases?

Backed by the Power
of Generative AI

100 + Unique Data Factors

Data is processed through an intelligent AI software engine.

Superhuman Processing

Terabytes of data aggregated, analyzed, and presented with customizable filters.

Economic Indicators

Data linked from demographics, lifestyle, infrastructure and weather. 

Predictive AI

Technology to predict outcomes based on local data and trends. 

Closed-loop Learning

Multiple AI models and intelligent “learning mode” enables predictive data.

Validated Predictive Analytics

System simulations show upwards of 94% validity when run against historic data and real world outcomes. 


Predictions are enabled via multiple AI Models and a closed-loop “learning mode” that performs ongoing validation of the predictive analysis.



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