Slate Insights and Recommendations

Go beyond simple data-query with intelligent recommendations based on real data.

You can’t fix what you can’t see.

Lack of visibility, poor data and communication is a
$1.8 TRILLION problem for the construction industry.

Cut through the noise and solve problems before they happen. 

Slate locates hidden, overlooked issues assessing their compounding impacts and communicating Insights to your team.   

Slate recommendations help you see into the future, find the best solutions, and make the best decisions.  

Your Slate. Your Data. Your Insights.

Slate works with your team, your project history, and your data to connect the dots and surface the Insights & Recommendations that matter most to your business.

Slate surfaces problems, their associated risks and impacts, and delivers predictive recommendations like these to your team. 


Slate links issues to relevant tasks in the project schedule.


Slate associates checklists with tasks in the project schedule monitoring.


Slate links relevant RFIs to specific tasks in the project schedule.

Project Tasks

Slate monitors task status and associated documentation


Slate detects potential weather constraints using predefined templates.

Never make the same mistake twice.

Slate learns alongside you, capturing contextual outcomes, learning from them, and feeding these learnings into each new day.
With each new project your organizational intelligence increases.


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