Better decisions,
better outcomes
powered by Slate.

95% of construction
data goes unused.
What a waste.

Slate’s AI-powered data analytics software helps you make sense of project data so that you can create better projects and turn your data into profit. 

Connect your data

Slate connects, contextualizes and enhances relevant, related information within your existing data sources.

Query & interact with your data

Conversational interactions with Slate allow you to dig deep into data, retrieve quick insights and make decisions.

Insights & recommendations

Slate surfaces proactive insights and recommendations to help locate issues before they become problems. 

Artificial intelligence built to
solve real world problems.

Slate’s AI-powered data analytics software leverages predictive AI alongside generative AI & conversational AI to deliver a powerful toolkit for next generation construction. And, let’s set the jargon aside for a moment, Slate’s solutions were built to solve real world construction problems.

Slate sets you up for success,
super charging your project
every step of the way.

We don’t believe that one
size fits all problems.

Slate is not a packaged “point solution”. The Slate team is the secret to our success. We partner with clients to unlock the right mix of Slate capabilities for you and your team with AI-powered data analytics software.

We aim to help address the inhibitors and challenges unique to your business.

Identify and solve
problems before
they arise.

Slate unlocks value across the
construction process.

Real Estate Investment


Slate Real Estate Intelligence uses advanced AI and predictive analytics to give developers and real estate investors a competitive edge in the marketplace. 



Slate Generate helps teams productize design and automate take off and estimating to reduce costly mistakes and speed preconstruction and planning. 



Slate Progress unblocks siloed data, surfacing contextually relevant information, linking it to BIM, and automating redundant tasks to help keep your projects on track. 

Creating value for
construction innovators


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