Developing the future
of decision making in

It’s the dozens of small decisions we make that ultimately determine our path. Meet the team revolutionizing the way decisions are made in the construction industry.

The power behind Slate.

Slate Technologies, the power behind the Slate Decision Assistant, is a team that brings together the collective talent of some of the world’s leading software designers, engineers, and career construction professionals together with advanced technologies to solve the big problems that face the construction industry.

We believe the well discussed construction efficiency gap is largely driven by an overwhelming, unwieldy process and the unpredictable outcomes inherent in every project.

Data isn’t new to the construction industry, neither is technology, in fact disjointed, disconnected data and technology proliferates the process to the extent that it is nearly impossible to harness, harmonize, learn from and use the data to create positive results.

This is a problem that Slate was built to solve.

We empower teams with a powerful decision assistant that leverages advanced technology and smart data to drive better outcomes, enabling individuals and teams to make well informed decisions that transform construction projects and revolutionize the industry.

Trevor Schick

Senthil Kumar
CTO, Global Head of AI

Joel Hutchines

Dexter Bachelder

We are a team of industry experts, data technologists, from some of the world’s most renowned institutions and companies transforming the future of decision making to deliver previously impossible value in the building industry.


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