Slate Tools for

Connect your data, streamline your process and automate repetitive tasks to save time, reduce costly mistakes, and de-risk preconstruction and planning.

Design Automation

Slate captures downstream data feeding back into the design.

Estimate Automation

Automate estimation to reduce costly mistakes.

Schedule Automation

Receive updates for schedules based on data with AI automation.

Generate in action

Generative design for highly repeatable process and projects. 

Speeds and de-risks preconstruction for even the most complex projects.

Bid more projects, more accurately to win more business and increase profitability. 

Backed by the Power
of Generative AI

Estimating in Minutes

Helps you ove through your pipeline and plan projects more accurately.

80% Fewer Decisions

Slate reduces the number of decisions to help avoid costly mistakes.

Single-source of Truth

Imagine all of your project data in a single multi-user platform that can be tailored to reflect each team members specific needs.

Realtime Change Management

Captures collaborator contributions in real time, updating your proejct documentation. Clients save an average of 60 hours on each revision.

Lightning Fast Documentation

Generates the documentation you need in a variety of formats, including: Bill of Quantities, Proposals, 3D Models, Aerial Imagery, & 2D Drawings.

How to use Generate


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