Slate Tools for

Stuff happens. Even well-planned projects get derailed by lack of visibility, poor communication and uninformed decision making. Slate construction tools unblock siloed data, surfacing contextually relevant information in a user-friendly interface to keep your projects on track.

Schedule Management

Slate connects diverse data sets and processes to help optimize and keep your schedule up to date.

Track Progress & Quality

Consolidate data to track, quantify, calculate, and update schedule status.

Project Management & Controls

Slate links data to your BIM helping you visualize issues and status to solve problems.

Progress in action

A digital, user friendly single source of truth

Links BIM Geometries to Tasks

Automated progress reporting


Capture, link and track every
step of your project.

Link Data

Captures even the most complex building geometries down to the finest detail.

Identify Issues and Impact

Highlight issues and progress on BIM to identify issues and flag them.

Auto Schedule Updates

Quickly updates your schedule based on progress.

Digital Progress Tracking

Accurate, real-time project data at your fingertips.

Automated Reporting

Automates progress reporting in multiple formats. 

How to use Progress


Perfect for:


Project Controls

Progress Tracking

Quality Control

Reporting & Financial Management

Schedule Updates & Optimization


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