Using Slate’s Generate Tool to 
Automate Take-off and Estimating

Slate worked with a top tier engineering procurement and construction client to reduce the time from takeoff to estimating by 90%. Slate’s Generate tool connects disparate data sources, contextualizing and enhancing inputs to create a hyper-efficient multi-user single source of truth.


Slate Generate aggregates and enhances existing data from sources that include Autodesk, Microsoft Excel and Word, historic data sets and design criteria finding related tasks, compressing the collective decision tree, and automating the generation of all preconstruction documentation.

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Real Estate Investment


Slate Real Estate Intelligence uses advanced AI and predictive analytics to give developers and real estate investors a competitive edge in the marketplace. 



Slate Generate helps teams productize design and automate take off and estimating to reduce costly mistakes and speed preconstruction and planning. 



Slate Progress unblocks siloed data, surfacing contextually relevant information, linking it to BIM, and automating redundant tasks to help keep your projects on track. 


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