Senthil M Kumar | The Times of India

Construction is a trillion-dollar industry. It is also an economic-performance indicator and contributes to both local and global economies at scale. Besides, it has been a hallmark defining the human legacy.

The human kind’s ability to thrive as a species has been marked by our relentless pursuit of betterment, our audacious aspirations to do better, dream big that had defied presumptions and prevailing knowledge of the time and set us on a path of remarkable progress.

Be it defying gravity to fly, exploring the farthest corners of Earth, finding cures for longevity or be an interplanetary species, the audacity of good ideas, an inquisitive mind and a will to find a way has kept us on the path to progress.

As a race, we have been fascinated by an endeavor to build enduring artifacts … leaving an eternal legacy. Some of the most enduring works of human ingenuity of the past have all been associated with buildings…. Buildings of grandeur. Be it the ancient seven wonders of the world … one of which still stands and continues to amaze us, or the unsung Palaces and habitats.

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